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pieces for two ouds
There's a nice arrangement of Al Qantara by Simon Shaheen on page 38 here: http://www.hamdi-makhlouf ...
10-31-2020 at 07:06 PM
by: Jason
Matthias Wagner RIP
Very sorry to hear this. There was a time when Oudstrings and Matthias were really the only knowled ...
10-3-2020 at 10:43 AM
by: Jason
As far as I'm aware it has been out of print for years and has never been scanned and put online. Y ...
9-12-2020 at 08:37 AM
by: Jason
What's this rumor about Turkish Ouds not being long lasting?
Considering the number of still playable ouds from the early 20th century built in the Turkish style ...
9-11-2020 at 01:33 PM
by: Jason
Is it possible to make a turkish oud sound deeper and lower?
The shorter answer is yes. You can install strings for Arabic tuning and tune it to the typical C F ...
8-21-2020 at 10:36 AM
by: Jason
Wanted: Kamil Mowais oud
Anyone selling an oud built by Kamil Mowais?

8-15-2020 at 05:46 AM
by: Jason
Alfonsina Y El Mar
This a great transcription, thank you
8-13-2020 at 07:23 PM
by: Jason
Nazih Ghadban oud for sale!
The pickguard is definitely macassar ebony as noted on the spec sheet here https://www.flickr.com/ph ...
8-12-2020 at 11:37 AM
by: Jason
Baha Yetkin "The Pearl" New Album
Nice, I've enjoyed your playing on Youtube. Checking out the album now
8-12-2020 at 11:25 AM
by: Jason
Nazih Ghadban oud for sale!
Great price! I have two Ghadban ouds they sound great
8-8-2020 at 03:14 PM
by: Jason
Need help finding strings...
Hi Brian

To find the scale length of the oud measure from the nut to the point where the string t ...
8-7-2020 at 06:01 AM
by: Jason
Looking for a nice old oud.
Oh man, post pictures when you get it!
8-3-2020 at 09:04 AM
by: Jason
My new création - quilted maple oud
Did you order strings from Turkey too? I've had a set in the mail for over 3 weeks now... not the r ...
7-31-2020 at 06:41 PM
by: Jason
Apricot oud
Looks great!
7-23-2020 at 07:01 PM
by: Jason
Necati Çelik oud picks???
The ethnicmusical.com guys are in Izmir but they may be able to help
7-22-2020 at 06:10 PM
by: Jason
How to Tune a 12-string Egyptian Oud?
Yep those strings are for F tuning... FF AA dd gg cc ff
7-21-2020 at 05:41 AM
by: Jason
How to Tune a 12-string Egyptian Oud?
With F tuning you'll have three courses of clear nylon whereas you'd have two sets in C-c tuning.
7-20-2020 at 09:00 PM
by: Jason
Amer Ammouri the master
The three albums mentioned by John are available for streaming on Amazon Music. Looks like they hav ...
7-19-2020 at 06:52 AM
by: Jason
Amer Ammouri the master
Man his right hand technique is incredible. This is awesome, thanks for posting
7-18-2020 at 06:00 AM
by: Jason
MultiOud Arabic Tuning Strings
The MultiOud scale length is 58.5cm which is the typical string length for Turkish ouds however you ...
7-17-2020 at 09:30 AM
by: Jason
Advice on use of repeats on this Sama'i
Sounds great Navid, your tremolo is awesome
6-30-2020 at 06:17 AM
by: Jason
Oppinion on intermediate ouds
Sukar ouds are well built and are generally considered the best low cost option for the Arabic sound ...
6-30-2020 at 06:14 AM
by: Jason
Simon Shaheen Ornament Question
You can see/hear Simon doing the ornament a number of times in the first minute of this video. All ...
6-28-2020 at 10:25 AM
by: Jason
Review: Sala Muzik HSO-101 Oud (Mahogany)
Nice review! It seems well built for a shop instrument and sounds good in the clip.

I'm curious ...
6-26-2020 at 06:53 AM
by: Jason
In Memory of Michel Merhej
Thanks for sharing Brian I was just listening to Bil Afrah this week. It looks like he was blessed ...
6-24-2020 at 01:42 PM
by: Jason
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