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Sam Ouds - welcome to the world of the Egyptian Oud (updated 5th of September)
[rquote=119536&tid=18219&author=Sam]They just opened shipping to Canada and some countries l ...
8-30-2020 at 12:25 PM
by: MattOud
Sam Ouds - welcome to the world of the Egyptian Oud (updated 5th of September)
[rquote=119525&tid=18219&author=Sam]Iraqi ornaments Oud is SOLD! and found new home in Canad ...
8-28-2020 at 06:13 AM
by: MattOud
My new création - quilted maple oud
Really beautiful. I love maple! I have a beautiful taylor guitar with maple.
I look forward to hear ...
8-1-2020 at 05:03 AM
by: MattOud
How to hold the Oud?
Thanx so very much for this training video Zeynel!!
We are so blessed to have someone teach us this ...
7-30-2020 at 06:15 AM
by: MattOud
Fretting Question (Touching adjacent strings)
Here is one more video that really gives a good look at the risha technique:
https://www.youtube.co ...
7-29-2020 at 03:16 PM
by: MattOud
Zeynel Demirtaş Oud Training System
Here is a translation of package 3 which I find very intriguing!


7-22-2020 at 07:32 AM
by: MattOud
Live Concert Hazem Shaheen
So Great!!! :applause::airguitar:
7-6-2020 at 04:35 AM
by: MattOud
Zeynel Demirtaş Oud Training System
I really like Zeynel's playing, and I like this teaching style.
I like how he concentrates on learn ...
7-2-2020 at 10:00 AM
by: MattOud
Jamil Bashir: Traditional Iraqi Oud
6-17-2020 at 03:11 PM
by: MattOud
Jamil Bashir: Traditional Iraqi Oud
Iraqi Maqams: Orfa, Husayni, Churi, Dacht, Awchar, Madmi, Swehli, Abudhiye, Awj, Mukhalef, Riqbaniye ...
5-14-2020 at 11:40 AM
by: MattOud
Mufradat Nahawand
Hi All,
Here is a beautiful new piece by Nizar Rohana called Mufradat Nahawand.
So beautiful, had ...
3-11-2020 at 07:37 AM
by: MattOud
Rast Taqasim
Hi Chris,
Here is another beauty to analyze! I love how melodic this one is throughout.
https://ww ...
3-6-2020 at 10:08 AM
by: MattOud
App to hold a drone & rhythms for you
Wow! Very Great actually!
Thanx very much!!!
3-3-2020 at 09:42 AM
by: MattOud
Carbon Fiber Oud
Hi Emir,
It looks beautiful.
I listened to all your ouds on sound comparison page: http://www.emir ...
2-13-2020 at 06:58 AM
by: MattOud
Syrian Ouds
this is really great and thanx for the sf2 sample!!!
I may try this later. I have an UX2 where i c ...
1-1-2020 at 06:34 AM
by: MattOud
10 Ouds for Sale (Updated Feb., 2020)
Dear OudProf,
That armenian oud sounds wonderful! Any more pics of it?
I am curious on the size s ...
12-11-2019 at 05:08 AM
by: MattOud
WHY is hamza al din so damn good?
Hi Navid,

Seeing you like Hamza so much(i do too!)...I found this player that reminds me of him s ...
12-6-2019 at 12:33 PM
by: MattOud
String skips in tuning
Hi Kinan,
For peg lube, have you tried Hill Brand? http://violinistablog.com/hill-and-sons-peg-comp ...
12-2-2019 at 05:22 AM
by: MattOud
Syrian Ouds
...appreciate your doing this!
I really like syrian oud's. I have 2 currently(khalifeh and Sukkar). ...
11-25-2019 at 06:07 AM
by: MattOud
Experiments with a 3D printer - Sound Hole Rosettes
I really like this thread. Thanx for posting this valuable experiment.

"The CURA software is supp ...
11-16-2019 at 08:40 AM
by: MattOud
Changing Oud's action
Brian is correct. The solution is to fix that neck!

I bought a Sukar, luckily much cheaper($300), ...
11-15-2019 at 07:53 AM
by: MattOud
Help for buying my first Oud
Hi Oudlove,

We come a similar background. I play guitar, and own a taylor 614ce as one of 6 guit ...
11-1-2019 at 06:04 AM
by: MattOud
Help for buying my first Oud
hi chwi,
I was in a similar situation when i first started looking. I can help with some advice, an ...
10-30-2019 at 05:06 AM
by: MattOud
Semi hollow electric Oud- My Qarin build
Wow. That looks so amazing! I can't wait to hear it!
Thanx for the great photos of the build proces ...
10-21-2019 at 10:46 AM
by: MattOud
Small question regarding pegs
Hill's is good stuff. I used it from the start and have not had to use it again on my pegs. It seeme ...
10-15-2019 at 03:53 AM
by: MattOud
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