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Who actually plays "Iraqi" tuning? (Fa Do Re Sol Do Fa)
I have only heard about this tuning recently, and it's interesting, but I don't know anyone who actu ...
9-17-2020 at 03:53 PM
by: majnuunNavid
What's this rumor about Turkish Ouds not being long lasting?
I've heard this from two different random strangers...

They have the impression that Turkish Ouds ...
9-10-2020 at 07:06 AM
by: majnuunNavid
I need some help.
I'm looking for some help to find out what people really want to learn on the Oud. So I made a surve ...
9-7-2020 at 07:28 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Ever heard of Iranian oudist "Zareef"?
That explains the "retro" sound. :)

I'd love to hear more of these recordings. I didn't know they ...
9-7-2020 at 07:23 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Ever heard of Iranian oudist "Zareef"?
Good find, never heard of him. This kind of Persian Oud style is very retro... I like it. A little r ...
9-4-2020 at 09:29 PM
by: majnuunNavid
New tutorial - Alf Leila wa Leila (intro)

a new tutorial is up on YouTube


You can learn the intro ...
8-21-2020 at 07:06 AM
by: majnuunNavid
Do professional players really tune by ear? Many of my teachers don't
I remember meeting up with a young Syrian dude to check out this new electric oud someone let me bor ...
8-17-2020 at 05:24 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Consecutive Hijaz Question
Maqam Nawa Athar fits your description however the root is C not D.

C [D Eb F# G] [G Ab B C] . W ...
7-15-2020 at 09:46 PM
by: majnuunNavid
After 7 years, finally some new tutorials
Here's a really cool Persian folk tune. An Oud version by Hossein Behroozinia is very well known (ch ...
7-12-2020 at 07:06 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Zeynel Demirtaş Oud Training System
Very cool. Would be cool to check out Turkish style Oud methodology.
7-4-2020 at 05:20 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Advice on use of repeats on this Sama'i
I recorded a rough recording of this piece so you can hear the ornaments and additions. Any comments ...
6-30-2020 at 02:30 AM
by: majnuunNavid
Review: Sala Muzik HSO-101 Oud (Mahogany)
I love this review. I wish there were more reviews like this available to improve the reliability of ...
6-26-2020 at 06:04 PM
by: majnuunNavid
In Memory of Michel Merhej
He was such an approachable guy at the Arabic Music Retreat... Thanks for this Brian.
6-25-2020 at 06:30 AM
by: majnuunNavid
YouTube Live Taqasim Webinar
I'll be doing a Youtube Live Webinar all about taqsim on Thursday at 8 PM Western Pacific time, 10 P ...
6-24-2020 at 10:36 PM
by: majnuunNavid
purpose of oud in a band
1. It depends on your music background already, but I would say in 1-4 years you could play in a ban ...
6-24-2020 at 09:22 PM
by: majnuunNavid
New oud - feedback requested!!
Sounds like a great Oud. It's tuned quite low though. I'd like to hear what it sounds like higher to ...
6-15-2020 at 07:01 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Advice on use of repeats on this Sama'i
Very cool guys thanks. I will use these suggestions.
6-15-2020 at 06:58 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Advice on use of repeats on this Sama'i
I wrote this Sama'i Nahawand. I'm very happy with it, but the way I arranged it makes the repeats ar ...
6-14-2020 at 07:09 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Buzuq fret size
From my experience with baglama saz, it appears that the frets are uniform size line, and the number ...
6-2-2020 at 07:18 AM
by: majnuunNavid
After 7 years, finally some new tutorials
I can't believe oudforguitarists.com has been running for 7 years. I finally got around to making so ...
5-25-2020 at 01:34 AM
by: majnuunNavid
Are Old Recordings "Out of Tune", or did Musicians Actually Tune Differently, or Both?
[rquote=119059&tid=18291&author=MoH]To Jody's point: I don't doubt Oum Kulthum sing Rast (or ...
5-20-2020 at 01:04 AM
by: majnuunNavid
Shurangiz Barbat ?!
There is a recording of one of these out there. I have heard it before... but I can't remember the O ...
5-18-2020 at 12:28 AM
by: majnuunNavid
quarter tone fingerings
I find that what finger you use is all very circumstantial depending where your fingers are going, a ...
5-13-2020 at 04:27 PM
by: majnuunNavid
Learn Salouny an Nas for beginners
Etudes and exercises are important to learn when you're starting out on Oud, but it's just as import ...
5-13-2020 at 04:07 AM
by: majnuunNavid
Oud projects: Riversong Guitars, Taqasim learning program
I'm providing some big updates to the Foundation Program. Please sign up to hear more about it and g ...
5-7-2020 at 05:49 PM
by: majnuunNavid
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