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Musical Mathematics by Chris Forster

jdowning - 8-11-2010 at 12:41 PM

After a wait of several months, my pre-publication order of Chris Forster's book "Musical Mathematics" has arrived pretty well on schedule.

This is an impressive work of scholarship - both a valuable source reference and a step by step tutorial leading to a comprehensive understanding of the material presented.

The book itself is a quality production - large format, hard cover, cloth bound (weighing 2.5 Kg - 5.75 lbs) - over 900 pages. The binding (Smyth sewn?) allows the heavy book to conveniently lay flat when open - an essential design feature as the tome is most easily read when supported on a flat surface (not on one's lap when sitting, relaxed, in an arm chair).

Chris Forster is an innovative (microtonal) instrument designer, builder and composer and the content of his book reflects over 12 years of research into worldwide tuning systems and instrument physics - not only related to stringed instrument design but also percussion and wind instrument design.
The mathematics involved appears to fairly basic - not involving complexities like calculus.

Of particular interest to forum members - who may be interested in the history of the oud and related instruments of the Middle East - is the in depth coverage of historic Arabic, Turkish and Persian tuning systems not to mention other ethnic tuning systems (Chinese, Indian and - yes - Western European).

I am not a book collector but anticipate that this first edition would be a 'good investment' to those that are - increasing in monetary value over the years.

Now to get down to some serious reading!!

jdowning - 8-11-2010 at 04:05 PM

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