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Companies to avoid

Greg - 2-6-2012 at 03:45 AM

Our system of membership registration has been designed to 'weed out' the spammers before their spam messages see the light of day. So a new member's first post will always be checked by a moderator before it goes public. Since its inception during mid 2011, this method has been highly successful.

We still get spammers trying to post and some of them are seemingly reputable companies.

As a nice new touch, I thought it may be helpful to display a list of those "seemingly reputable" companies who have tried to post spam on these forums. If anything, it may assist you in knowing who to avoid when looking for a supplier of any product or service. You may even like to warn your family and friends that these companies are best avoided.

I shall start with a couple of companies from the last week and will add to it each time another one tries it on.


Smart Flooring http://www.smartflooringservice.com/index.html

Home Movie Depot http://www.homemoviedepot.com/services/film/