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Looking for a YouTube Video...

Chris-Stephens - 5-22-2018 at 11:32 AM

There used to be a full length performance of a Turkish Oud and Tanbur concert through some California University, I think San Diego. They were a father / son duet and the quality was outstanding. I can't seem to find it, and can't understand why it would have been deleted as it was an official university account posting it as their own program. Anyone know it? I'd love to watch it again...

Marcus - 5-23-2018 at 12:44 AM

Hi Chris,:wavey:
unfortunately i cant help you with your search :shrug:
I hope you dont mind if I use your thread for another youtube-search.
There was a video called "arab oud-dance 2006". It inspired me to buy my first oud.
It was recorded in a TV-Studio in Libanon,I think. There was a oudplayer that nobody seems to know, and a girl from the audience, dressed in white Jeans and white top, that does bellydance.
Now the vid is gone, someone claims his rights on it, after 12 years.
Does anybody know where to get this vid back or,better,downloaded it and is willing to share it?

I'd love to hear it again!!!!

Hopefull regards,

adamgood - 5-23-2018 at 12:34 PM

Chris I imagine you're thinking of this one from Necati and his son Cela and it's sponsored by Columbia University?


Chris-Stephens - 5-24-2018 at 11:52 AM

YES! That is it! Thank you so much :):):)

adamgood - 5-24-2018 at 03:09 PM

You're very welcome!

David Parfitt - 5-26-2018 at 12:52 AM

If anyone is interested, there is a browser add-on called VideoDroid, which allows you to save Youtube vidoes for posterity in any resolution up to 1080 HD. Once you install the add-on, a 'Download' appears below each video with the option to save it. I've been using it for years to save all my favourite videos, many of which have since disappeared.