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Advice for a first oud

Assuleimani - 7-14-2019 at 10:38 PM

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum. I recently got interested in Ouds, and decided to buy an instrument and start playing.

Any resources on where to buy a good starting Oud? I want to get an affordable one at first to see if the interest picks up :)
It seems that there are limited options to buy an Oud in the US. There are a few online shops that offer shipping to the US. I came across these websites:

Arab Instruments (they sell Ouds from Gawheret El Fan and other makers.
1. https://www.arabinstruments.com/egyptian-oud-130
2. https://www.arabinstruments.com/egyptian-oud-115

Sala Muzik
3. https://salamuzik.com/collections/arabic-oud/products/arabic-handmad...
4. https://salamuzik.com/collections/arabic-oud/products/arabic-handmad...
5. https://salamuzik.com/collections/arabic-oud/products/arabic-handmad...
6. https://salamuzik.com/collections/arabic-oud/products/arabic-handmad...

Sala has little guidelines about what the difference is between these Ouds.

Does anyone have experience with these shops, or the specific Ouds? Any other recommendations for affordable starting ouds?

Thank you very much in advance

alim - 7-15-2019 at 01:01 AM

I would consider the Ouds sold online at http://www.mauriceoudshop.com/ (advertised in this forum), especially the lower cost Syrian ouds (http://www.mauriceoudshop.com/syrian-ouds/). They are tested/setup by Mike (I think?) and you could fly down to LA to test one if you want. I have no affiliation with anything regard this, I just think its a good option.

Let me know if you have questions, you can u2u message me as well if you want.



Assuleimani - 7-15-2019 at 12:51 PM

Hi Alim,

Thanks a lot for the information. I was originally trying to get an Egyptian style oud. I'll listen to the videos and try to make a judgement on how I like the sounds. From a first impression, it seems the Syrian ouds is very distinct from the Egyptian ones.

P.S. I got this reply from Arab Instruments about sound samples of their Egyptian Ouds (options 1 and 2 from the original post).

"Model 115 , 130 are fro the series of this oud: https://www.arabinstruments.com/index.php/galleryvideo/index?gallery...
Model and this oud: https://www.arabinstruments.com/index.php/galleryvideo/index?gallery... "

alim - 7-15-2019 at 01:37 PM

The http://www.mauriceoudshop.com/ store also has Egyptian Ouds: the Shahata and the Apprentice Ouds are Egyptian. Ali-

Sam - 7-16-2019 at 05:46 AM

I have two new ouds at price range of 400$ each ( including free worldwide shipping and free hard case ) if you are interested, send me e-mail at semsemioud@gmail.com