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1920 Original Face Onnik Karibyan $5000

azzizza - 12-14-2019 at 04:09 PM

I am posting for the seller of a 1920 Onnik Karibyan that is for sale. It is in need of restoration work but has the original face. It was played by a left handed player initially and was later owned by the late John Bilezikjian. It has a mahogany fingerboard and the original horn rosettes as well. Price as is is $5000. If you want the oud restored prior to purchase please direct questions and inquiries to Johnny Bilezikjian at theelegacy2018@gmail.com

I apologize for the small photos but the site limits the file size. Please email Johnny for full resolution photos if interested. Thank you.

727F0629-88A2-4788-B7CA-45BC0AC2A187.jpeg - 43kB 332BB28E-3C5C-4A86-9E19-5C063A76606A.jpeg - 363kB 9C14318F-C0E0-41C8-97E3-F86F74CC3F76.jpeg - 31kB F5CB0716-366C-4B5C-B221-369134F9CC6E.jpeg - 41kB CFE01A5C-3F03-4A80-85ED-F26E21B54178.jpeg - 87kB

E663023E-259E-4984-B432-53050A15FF29.jpeg - 170kB

hans - 12-15-2019 at 04:53 AM

Interesting! But instead of posting a few small photos twice may I suggest you post bigger photos? That makes it much easier to see what the oud really looks like