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Two electric solid Ouds made by Murad Al-Turkey

Sam - 12-23-2019 at 06:36 AM


For those who are interested in electric Ouds , I have two Egyptian electric Ouds made by Murad Al-Turkey , Murad Al-Turkey is one of the fine Oud makers in Egypt , and recently he was famous for making fine electric Ouds.

The two Ouds that I have are the same model and same everything but I noticed they sound different, so I recorded a video for each ( I don't have that much experience in electric Ouds so I don't really know if they all sound the same or they sound different ? ) .

I have uploaded also some photos here for the Ouds on flckr:


And the videos on YouTube :

Oud 01 :


Oud 02 :


The price for Oud 01 is 500$ and Oud 02 450$ and the price include free international shipping , free electric Oud soft case and free hard case ( normal acoustic Oud hard case to protect the Oud during shipping ) buyers who are located in the US , Australia and France will add 100$ for shipping .

For inquiry or more details please feel free to email me at semsemioud@gmail.com