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Palisander Oud ( Video updated )

Sam - 1-20-2020 at 08:53 AM


This Oud is made fully made of palisander ( bowl, fingerboard ,rosette , neck and pegbox) . the soundboard is made of aged piano top . palisander wood comes directly after Indian rose wood in quality and price .which is one of the expensive tone woods in Oud manufacturing in Egypt. The price for this oud is 550$ including free shipping and free hard case . and this is considered as an affordable price for a palisander Oud, this oud is smaller in size , it fits chubby people like me hehe 😁

Oud Measures :

Neck length 19 cm
Width 33 cm
String length 57 cm
Depth 19 cm

Oud video ( Alice strings used in this video , it would sound much better with better quality strings ) :

Oud videos on YouTube :

Video 1 ( the new video )

Video 2 ( the old video )

Oud pictures :


For more inquiries or details please feel free to contact me at semsemioud@gmail.com


Sam - 3-2-2020 at 12:25 PM

New clear photos for the Oud