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Sylent-oud wood hoops version and more - French handmade

sylud - 1-21-2020 at 12:05 PM


Glad to show you last updated model of Sylent-oud :)

Basic features included in all model :
Dim (without hoops) : 710354(130)x133(79) mm
Weight: less than 1.8kg
Tuning: CEAdgc (Arabic) or EABead (Turkish) or FADgcf (Arabic Iraq)
Oud piezo microphone (Passiv preamp in option page)
Strings Nylon (11 or 12 for 7 courses in option)
Body Cedar
Fingerboard Ebony
Scale : 585 mm (600 mm in option below)
Carbon bar for strong neck
Nut : 40 mm
black steel hoops or wood hoops (in option)
Sold with softcase and accessories (plectrum, winder ,screws )

International shipments of Sylent-oud or other SBD musical instruments are possible. All packages are under high warranty to avoid problems in case of loss. Each package is always tracked to the receiver.

For prices, delays, options accessories, contact me by whatsapp 00*33*6*49*19*77*64 or email contact@sbd-projets.com
All informations : https://sbd-projets.com/en/electric-oud/

All the best

sylent-oud model v3.jpg - 157kB Sylent-oud-v3-wood-hoops-profil-768x1365.jpg - 81kB Sylent-oud-basic-v3-profil-768x1365.jpg - 82kB Sylent-oud-v3-wood-hoops-removable-768x1337.jpg - 72kB Sylent-oud-v3-wood-hoops-softcase-768x1365.jpg - 80kB Sylent-oud-softcase.jpg - 44kB

sylud - 2-19-2020 at 01:30 PM

Hi oud lovers

Below the last video of classic wood model with a good sounds recording. Use your headphones;)