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Author: Subject: Legendary Kamil Mowais of Nazareth Is Gone
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info.gif posted on 1-7-2018 at 02:58 PM
Legendary Kamil Mowais of Nazareth Is Gone

Legendary Kamil Mowais of Nazareth Is Gone :(

With the deepest sorrow and grief I hereby announce, on behalf of the late's family's request, the† loss of our friend Kamil (Camille) Mowais of Nazareth (23/5/1937-7/1/2018), who had passed away this evening at the age of 80 in Haemeq Hospital, Afula near Nazareth. The late Kamil (RIP) was attacked by a rare fierce microbe last November. He was treated with antibiotics for over a month, but his weak body just couldn't stand the torture, so he collapsed, this evening, Jan. 7th, 2018, 15:00 GMT.
The late Kamil Mowais left 5 children and 20 grandchildren + 3 grand grandchildren.

Kamil Mowais started his journey with the oud back in 1959 when he managed to build his first oud. Since then, a love affair started between Kamil and thd oud; a love story that continued till his very last moment, some 58 years or so later.
The man was a living legend, the last of his generation who contributed a lot to the now-well-known standards and specifications of the modern oud. His living ouds, 58 years of age, and younger, are real living evidences, scattered all over the globe, to his contribution.
They are all paying him tribute now.

I came to know Abu Sima'an, as we use to call him, some 40 years ago when I ordered my very first oud. "Kid", he said, "your oud will be ready after 3 months". Back then, the only ouds available were his or Amin Hadad's, so players had no choice but to wait.
Since then, I have been a friend of the family's and still am. He used to treat me like a son, so these are the darkest and the sadest days of my life.

The funeral shall take place tomorrow Jan 8, 2018 at 15:00 , local time, from the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Basilica in Nazareth, to the neighbouring churchyard.

May he rest in peace, along with the vertueous and the saints.

Condolences and paying tribute to the late maker are welcome here and shall be brought to the family's attention.

Yours indeed

انتقل†الى رحمة الله تعالى المرحوم كميل عبدالله مويس - ابو سمعان - عن ثمانين عاما†؛ وقد شيّع جثمانه يوم الاثنين ٨/١/٢٠١٨ الساعة الثالثة بعد الظهر الى كنيسة البشارة للروم الاورثوذكس في الناصرة ومن ثم الى مثواه الاخير.†

كان المرحوم ابو سمعان شيخ صنّاع العود في فلسطين ، رفد السوق بأجود الأعواد على مدار اكثر من خمسين عاماً حتى اقعده المرض.
ولقد انتشرت اعواده في كل ارجاء المعمورة واعتبرها كبار العازفين في العالم من صفوة الأعواد التي ستخلد على مر التاريخ.†
برحيل المرحوم كميل مويس فقد العود والعوادون والصنّاع عمود خيمتهم وعمدتهم وركناً اساسياً من اركان هذا الفن الخالد .

هذا وقد نعى المرحوم ، بعد انتشار خبر رحيله، جمهرةٌ من الفنانين والصنّاع من العالم العربي والعالم ، من دمشق الى لندن وحتى نيويورك ، أشادوا في تعازيهم بالمنزلة الخاصة التي تمتع بها أبو سمعان لدى المهتمّين بشأن العود في العالم من عرب ومن أجانب ، وتمنوا أن يمتلكوا يوماً ما عود كميل مويس ان لم يكن الحظ قد حالفهم وامتلكوا واحداً.†

وقد عبّر أصدقاء المرحوم الكثر عن عميق حزنهم لرحيل أبي سمعان الصديق المخلص والانسان الصدّيق والفنان الاصيل ، واعربوا عن عزائهم بابنه سمعان أطال الله بعمره ، الذي يكمل مسيرة والده مع العود ، التي كان بدأها المرحوم منذ العام 1959.† ††

تغمد الله الفقيد برحمته وأسكنه فسيح جناته وألهم ذويه
الصبر والسلوان واطال باعماركم.

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[*] posted on 1-8-2018 at 02:31 AM

After One minute of silence, I started to write these words.

My deepest condolences to the family, friends and all the Oud Lovers.

Master Kamil Mowais, 58 years of generosity for Oud making in Nazareth, Palestine.
An own identity that he worked on all along his career and a sound that will never disappear ! Thank you to be part of the heritage protection and legacy.
The only unforgetable meeting we had when I was a kid. With pride, my father introduced me by saying : "This is the next generation for Oud making".
Kamil looked at me with a smile and gave a compliment after having seen the first instruments Iíve created.
Through my artstic journey, I had the honor to repair several Ouds made by the Legend Kamil Mowais. I consider this experience as part of my success.
Yes we are so different, but this difference is what made him unique !

Through his art, he will stay alive, and his generosity is Endless.

May his soul rest in peace.

Wissam Joubran & Family
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Adel Salameh
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[*] posted on 1-8-2018 at 05:31 AM

Very sad to read this...Uncle Kamil has left us...may his soul rest in peace....
he will alwys be remebred for his unique Oud, he kept the tradition of oud making a live in Palestine....he was the inspiration of many young oud makers ...all of us oud players has played and enjoyed his instruments....his instruments are all over the world... we have lost a legend....
Condolences to his family...
Adel Salameh
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[*] posted on 1-8-2018 at 06:48 AM

Very sad news indeed. May his soul Rest In Peace in the Paradise of Joy. Please pass along my condolences to his entire family Jamil.

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[*] posted on 1-8-2018 at 07:33 AM

Allah yerhamo

My sincere condolences to the family of Master oud maker Kamil Mowais.
His family can be proud of the legacy he leaves behind and the ouds he produced which are now played all over the world.
To me, it is clear he had attained true mastery of oud making as he managed to combine beauty and most importantly the true sound and spirit of the oud.

Samir Nassif,
Ottawa Canada.

@samiroud Instagram
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[*] posted on 1-9-2018 at 02:46 AM

Thank you for informing us Alfararby. My sympathy and every strength to his loved ones. May he rest in peace. The spirit, and in Kamil's case, his sound, lives on. Such a talent.

Best Wishes, Charlie
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